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IJMU students receiving a sweet treat sent from home

We deliver to JMU! We make the delivery special by including a handwritten note from the sender. Also, the sender receives a picture of the package and a picture of the student with their package (if the student agrees).Add students name, cell and dorm in the special request section so we can call and schedule delivery.


Birthday cakes, cupcakes, study treats, chocolate covered strawberries and more are available on our menu.

JMU cupcakes
JMU colored birthday cake
Purple birthday cake topped with macarons
Pound cake topped with fruit
JMU graduation cake

Select a simple cake design with a topper

A fancy cake with tufts, drip and macarons

Select a cake with fruit for those who are health conscious 

Graduation Cake
Purple and gold birthday cake

Select a fun or themed cake.  

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